About Me

I have over 35 years of experience within the marine environment, both in a professional capacity and as a fastidious yacht owner for many years.

I was awarded the annual YDSA Leslie Oliver Award at the Yacht Designers & Surveyors Association (YDSA) AGM, held in Bristol 29th November 2011.

The award was introduced as far back as 1981 when the YDSA AGM held that year proposed an award to a recently elected member who was showing the most promise. The award was subsequently named after long standing YDSA member Leslie Oliver, for his significant personal contribution to surveyor training.

Also a commercially endorsed Yachtmaster, active Yacht and Pleasurecraft Insurance Underwriter and  achieving a diploma (merit) in Yacht and Small Craft Surveying with the International Boat Building Training College in Lowestoft, I fully understand both the importance of safety and the vessels structural integrity when putting any vessel to its designed use.

All surveys undertaken are both thorough, informative, and based wherever possible on fact, not opinion.

I am a full member of British Marine Surveyors Europe an internationally respected network of experienced surveyors allowing access to a wealth of additional data, varying opinions and support. I am also an Affiliate Member of the YDSA.

I carry full Public and Professional Indemnity cover in accordance with the YDSA Code of Practice.

Here is a selection of recently surveyed vessels: 2006 Oyster 46, Project 31, Tosca 39, Sadler Starlight 35, Carver 26, Contessa 32, Jeanneau 32, Aquastar 33, Southerly 100, Sealine S28, Westerly Oceanranger, Windy 32, Moody Eclipse, Victoria 30, Bavaria 300, Fjord 27, Westerly Discuss, Heavenly Twins Catamaran, Bounty 30, Sweden Yachts 42, Sadler Starlight 39, Hunter Legend 40.5, Hallberg Rassy 352, Bavaria 47, Oyster 485, Bavaria 38, Sealine 28, Hardy 42, Sealine S29, Oyster 56 (unassisted viewings x 3), Oyster 56 Survey and Sea Trial, Bavaria 30, Westerly Fulmar, Vancouver 36, Moody 30, Vancouver 32, Victoria 26, Draco 24, MG Spring 25, Bayliner 2655, Westerly Gk29, Bavaria 32, Dufour 32, Hunter Horizon 23, Freedom 35, Macwester 35, Legend 36, Hunter Legend 39, Westerly Fulmar, Catalac 9m, Oyster 46, Beneteau 373, Aquafibre 37, Moody 45DS, Jeanneau SO 32, Sealine S23, Hunter Pilot 27, Beneteau Oceanis 42CC, Moody 376, Westerly Corsair, Catalac 9m, LM 28, UFO 34, Contessa 28, Carter 33, Jeanneau Prestige 32 including full sea trial, Jeanneau SO 32i, Fisher 31, Oyster 575, Sadler 32, Scanmar 40, Oyster 485, Sadler Starlight 35, Moonraker 36, Jeanneau Velasco 37F, Contessa 26, Francis 26, Jeanneau SO 32i, Jeanneau 33i, Hunter Horizon 272, Hummingbird 30, Trapper 500, Feeling 326, Oyster 49, Oyster 56, Bayliner 3055, Dehler 39, Halmatic 30, Bavaria 32, Fairline Targa 38, Sealine SC47, Sigma 33, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 439, Sadler 26, Moody 31, Bavaria 32, Contessa 32, Moody 33, Sealine SC47, Baycruiser 23, Beneteau Oceanis 311, Callisto 435, Sealine Statesman 305, Cobra 850, Dufour 425, Kelt 29, Tomohawk 26, Bavaria 37, Westerly Oceanlord, Broom Crown 37, Jeanneau NC9, Vancouver 34, Chris Craft Crowne 37, Bavaria 42, Seal 28, Broome Crowne 37, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 379, Colvic Sunquest 39, Moody 36, Oyster 56 (Spain), Oyster 66 (Mediterranean)


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