Why You Should Consider a Pre-Purchase Survey!

A recent pre-purchase survey was a 1970's river cruiser on the market for nearly £30,000 and supplied with no history on file but claiming all sorts of new works to have been completed recently (new floors, galley, paint job etc), alarm bells rang before I even set off, although the broker details did read very well indeed.  

First of all I found several large areas of repair below the waterline, none of which were accessible internally, all covered up by only a thin coat of antifoul which on removal revealed a powdery filler of some sort, then there was the new bulkheads which were 2 inches short of reaching the hull shell and last, but not least, six inches of mud in the bilges all covered nicely by newly fitted floors and furniture! Current market value, hmmm probably around half of the advertised price at best.

 This vessel had almost certainly seen the bottom of the river at some stage and had clearly been patched up for a quick sale. I saved the keen but inexperienced buyer a small fortune who was about to purchase the boat which unbeknown to him required extensive costly works to put her back in order. I advised the purchaser to withdraw from the purchase and demand a full return of his deposit from the broker, which he managed to do.

A close shave given that the purchaser had fallen in love with the boat following his own inspection. I reduced my fee due to early termination of the survey and said goodbye to a disappointed but very relieved and thankful client.

"Thanks Guy. We're researching other boats and will be in touch if they are in your area! I much appreciate your approach, advice and professionalism.”


Mr B.
Management Consultants



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