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Insurance Surveys which are required periodically by insurers offer the same inspections as our condition surveys for pre-purchase purposes, but will contain less detail in the reports and will deliberately avoid the more cosmetic issues. The report will normally contain a current market valuation.
BMSE have developed a special report format for Production FRP/GRP Yachts, this is aimed at offering the same thorough BMSE condition survey but with concise reporting that is appreciated by insurers dealing with large volumes of craft. As the reporting time is reduced, then the survey cost is reduced appropriately also.

If you have commissioned a Pre-Purchase Survey then you do not need an additional insurance survey as it will already contain enough information for obtaining insurance or finance on your vessel.

Typically this type of survey will involve a full day inspection part of which the vessel will need to be out of the water. The full written report will normally be available within 7 days following the inspection.

Contents of  Insurance Survey:

Hull, Deck and Structure

1.    Details of subject vessel
2.    Keel
3.    Hull below waterline
4.    Topsides above waterline including rubbing strake etc.
5.    Deck moulding
6.    Coachroof
7.    Cockpit
8.    Hull/Deck join
9.    Bulkheads and structural stiffening including internal mouldings

Steering, stern gear, and skin fittings etc.

10.    Rudder and Steering
11.    Stern gear
12.    Cathodic protection
13.    Skin fittings and other through hull apertures

On Deck

14.    Main companionway and other accesses to accommodation
15.    Ports, windows etc
16.    Pulpit, stanchions, pushpit, lifelines and jackstays
17.    Rigging attachments points
18.    Ground tackle and mooring arrangements
19.    Other deck gear and fittings
20.    Davits and boarding ladders

Rigging (where mast is stepped this will be limited to accessible areas only)

21.    Spars
22.    Standing rigging
23.    Running rigging
24.    Sails and covers etc


25.    Navigation lights
26.    Bilge pumping arrangements
27.    Firefighting equipment
28.    Lifesaving and emergency equipment


Engine.  (external / basic installation inspection only)

29.    Engine and installation (external / basic installation inspection only)
30.    Fuel system

Accommodation and on board systems

31.    Accommodation and general
32.    Gas installation
33.    Fresh water tanks and delivery
34.    Heads
35.    Electrical installation (general inspection of the installation only)
36.    Electronic and navigation equipment
37.    Heating and refrigeration
38.    Tender



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