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Pre-purchase surveys

The pre-purchase survey is conducted on behalf of the potential new owner and will usually be conducted once the price has been agreed and a deposit has been placed with the broker. This deposit will not usually be refundable unless there are any structural or serious defects found during the survey which may end in the buyer either pulling out of the sale, or as is more common, negotiating with the vendor for a proportion of the costs involved to have any defects rectified.

The survey inspection will take the best part of a day to complete for which the vessel will need to be out of the water and the report will normally follow within 7 days electronically by email,  a hard copy can be sent by post if requested. A sea or river trial is always recommended and can often be carried out on the day of the survey inspection on request.

 A verbal brief is also offered on completion of the survey if requested.

Here is a selection of recently surveyed vessels: 2006 Oyster 46, Project 31, Tosca 39, Sadler Starlight 35, Carver 26, Contessa 32, Jeanneau 32, Aquastar 33, Southerly 100, Sealine S28, Westerly Oceanranger, Windy 32, Moody Eclipse, Victoria 30, Bavaria 300, Fjord 27, Westerly Discuss, Heavenly Twins Catamaran, Bounty 30, Sweden Yachts 42, Sadler Starlight 39, Hunter Legend 40.5, Hallberg Rassy 352, Bavaria 47, Oyster 485, Bavaria 38, Sealine 28, Hardy 42, Sealine S29, Dufour 425, Oyster 56, Vancouver 36, Vancouver 32, Moody 30, Beneteau 31.7, Bayline 2655, Victoria 26, Draco 24, MG Spring 25, Westerly GK29, Bavaria 32, Freedom 35, Hunter 23, Macwester 32, Aquafibre 37, Huntger Legend 39, Hunter 36, Westerly Fulmar, Catalac 9m, Oyster 46, Beneteau 373, Moody 45DS, Fisher 31, Oyster 575, Sadler 32, Jeanneau Prestige 32, Scanmar 40, Oyster 485, Mooraker 36, Francis 26, Contessa 26, Jeanneau Velasco 37F, Jeanneau 32i, Jeanneau 33i, Hunter Horizon 272, Trapper 500, Hummingbird 30, Feeling 326, Oyster 49, Oyster 56, Bayliner 3055, Dehler 39, Halmatic 30, Bavaria 32, Fairline Targa 38, Sealine SC47, Sigma 33, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 439, Sadler 26, Moody 31, Bavaria 32, Contessa 32, Moody 33, Sealine SC47, Baycruiser 23, Beneteau Oceanis 311, Callisto 435, Sealine Statesman 305, Cobra 850, Dufour 425, Kelt 29, Tomohawk 26, Bavaria 37, Westerly Oceanlord, Broom Crown 37, Jeanneau NC9, Vancouver 34, Chris Craft Crowne 37, Bavaria 42, Seal 28, Broome Crowne 37, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 379, Colvic Sunquest 39, Oyster 56 (PALMA, SPAIN), Oyster 66 (CROATIA), Kent 28, Scanmar 40, Beneteau Oceanis 323, Oyster 47, Prout Snowgoose, Broom 450, Bavaria 350, Prout 37, Oyster 435, Dehler 37

Contents of a Pre-purchase Survey:



Hull, Deck and Structure

1. Details of subject vessel

2. Keel

3. Hull below waterline

4. Topsides above waterline including rubbing strake etc.

5. Deck moulding

6. Coachroof

7. Cockpit

8. Hull/Deck join

9. Bulkheads and structural stiffening including internal mouldings



Steering, stern gear, and skin fittings etc.

10. Rudder and Steering

11. Stern gear

12. Cathodic protection

13. Skin fittings and other through hull apertures



On Deck

14. Main companionway and other accesses to accommodation

15. Ports, windows etc

16. Pulpit, stanchions, pushpit, lifelines and jackstays

17. Rigging attachments points

18. Ground tackle and mooring arrangements

19. Other deck gear and fittings

20. Davits and boarding ladders



Rigging. (note if the mast has not been un-stepped and made available for inspection then this will be limited to the lower 2 metres of the mast and rigging)

21. Spars

22. Standing rigging

23. Running rigging

24. Sails and covers etc (Sail inspections are frequently restricted and subsequently it is always recommended to have them presented to a sail loft for a thorough inspection)




25. Navigation lights

26. Bilge pumping arrangements

27. Firefighting equipment

28. Lifesaving and emergency equipment




29. Engine and installation (unless otherwise agreed this is limited to an external inspection of the engine, associated systems and general installation only). The actual mechanical condition of the engine/s is outside the scope of a pre-purchase survey and specialist agents or marine engineers should be employed to confirm such.

30. Fuel Installation



Accommodation and on board systems

31. Accommodation and general

32. Gas installation

33. Fresh water tanks and delivery

34. Heads

35. Electrical installation (general condition of the installation only)

36. Electronic and navigation equipment

37. Heating and refrigeration

38. Tender



A Conclusion and list of Recommendations are included at the end of the report.

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