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Preparation for Survey

The following is a list of requirements that should ideally be in place on the day of the survey:

  • Vessel to be securely cradled or chocked. We reserve the right not to commence or continue a survey / inspection, if we believe the vessel to be unsafe or a danger to anyone in any way.
  • All marine growth should be removed from the hull and fittings to allow full inspection of the underwater surfaces.
  • To get meaningful moisture readings which can be better relied upon it is suggested that the vessel has been ashore for at least four days prior to the survey.
  • If the vessel is to be lifted and left in the slings for the survey then the vessel will need to be slung for a minimum of 1 hour to ensure all underwater tests can be carried out.
  • Personal effects and other loose and heavy items should be removed as far as practicable. We will not always have the time within the constraints of the survey to empty lockers etc.,
  • Have the Broker Lists and Sales particulars / Inventories made available or left on board
  • All screwed floors should be released to allow inspection of important areas such as the keel attachment, seacocks etc,. It will not always be possible to remove screwed down floors or access panels during the survey inspection.
  • Keys to the vessel (full access including all lockers)
  • All gear from the inventory to be with the vessel (where practicable)

Any / all documentation relating to the vessel:

  • Builders certificate of compliance: (For Craft built after June 1998. Recreational Craft Directive)
  • Service records.
  • Any invoices for claimed repairs or upgrading of items.
  • Any equipment specification / manuals etc.,
  • A fully charged and connected service battery and adequate fuel if a river or sea trial has been agreed.
  • Serviceable fire extinguishers, for powerboats in exess of 17 knots automatic extinguishers should be installed within the engine bay or be remotely operable from the helm position (and where space allows within the fuel tank space).
  • For vessels launching mid survey for completion afloat, please ensure there is appropriate anti-foul and a small brush available for covering of sampled areas cleared of antifoul below the waterline.

Please note that the surveyor will do all that is possible to assist on the day of the survey but failing to produce or comply with the above items may restrict the information supplied within the report.

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